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Wood Work




We are delighted to be a leading player in the timber industry. Beston Wood Industries to set the pace, drive the development, have a strong offer to the customers and also have the size, the scale and a responsible way of doing business. 

Through our vast supply network spread globally, we are able to efficiently source, offer and supply a wide variety of hardwood logs, sawn timber (air dried / kiln dried), wooden dowels and Special Sizes and other forest products at competitive prices. We would be glad to send a quote upon request. We are dealing with following woods. 

▶  African Teak

▶  Beech wood

▶  Bilinga

▶  Burma Teak

▶  Dabema, Dahoma

▶  Iroko

▶  Plantation Teak

▶  Sapeli

▶  Sipo

▶  Kosipo

▶  Redwood

▶  Mahogany

▶  Tali

▶  White wood

▶  White Oak

▶  Ash wood

▶  Pine wood

▶  Plywood

▶  Interior works

▶  African Chandal poles

▶  SYP Poles

▶  Bamboo

▶  Bamboo mat

▶  Barista Fencing

▶  Pine Barks

▶  Palm leafs

▶  Manila rope

▶  Pine Barks

▶  Interior work 

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